I Want It So Bad! But It Was Not for Me, MAYBE.

Whoa..! It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Dah bersawang. Kesian blog ni, bila Tuan dia rasa nak luah something, baru lah nak bukak. Kalau tidak, memang sampai kucing bertanduk dua pon tak dilayannya.

Itu lahh. I guesses I really need a meditation here.

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OPPO wants me?

Last week, I received a phone call from OPPO. I’ve been chosen to go for an interview working for them.  And I was like, “OPPO kot??! OMG OMG”. To me it is a GREAT opportunity since we all know yang OPPO is one of the world leading technology brand, yg sememang nya tengah trending!

I come clean. I’m not someone who follows and updating status of what smartphone would be released next, expert in choosing a good smartphone, and someone who would easily throw thousand bucks for a new released smartphone. Well, since I couldn’t afford one. hehe. Make sense ye dak?

You have no idea, that I have your photos.

You have no idea, that I have your photos.

But I found its intriguing ever since I saw a smartphone with a ROTATING CAMERA. And hell yeah that’s mean I get to have selfie dengan gambar yg jelas memandangkan same 16MP for both rear & front camera! Secara tak langsung I put it in my wishlist pocket. Memang tak tahu menahu pon yg previously OPPO has released “World First Smartphone with Rotating Camera” N1. There were no much differences, but still both of them are not alike. N3 improved for better in many aspects, for sure duhhhh~

I FIT in this Position

I FIT in this Position

Okay, I was Super-Duper-Bumper Over-Excited for this interview. I prepared and studied what I need to, dari history and background, ke smartphones yg dah released, hingga lah kempen yg tgh run. Pendek kata, every inches details yg ada di OPPO website tu I dah khatam! Tak cukup dgn itu, I analyzed and compared every OPPO smartphones specs. Plus, study pasal smartphones. Me, from 20% knowledge of smartphones; has got almost 80% knowledge! I now can even know how to choose a good one. Frame apa yg diguna, how good the ppi is, what type of processor used etc etc bla bla.

in OPPO, of course :P

in OPPO, of course :P

Supposedly, interview held on MONDAY, DEC 8. 3:30PM

Numbers on the clock showing 2PM, there only an hour to go. I thought.

But, something very personal came up last minute. I have been ordered TO CANCEL MY THOUGHT to go for the interview. What?? You were supposed to decide this at first place! Not changing your mind after I’ve been crazy studying day and night, and lastly it’s not worth the time. I’m not a chessman that you can move here and there whenever you want. For someone who playing chess, it might be fun for them to decide their rules on some chessboard. But for someone who be a chessman, its may tiring following all way around on a chessboard! Well, since we’re human; not a chessman. I am so SAD TO DEATH. And for the record, my TEARS DROP FOR SKIPPING AN INTERVIEW. whoa. Felt like I was just letting go something BIG. Because I want to work for OPPO so badly!

Cry baby want an interview

Cry baby want an interview

But then I realized, semua yg terjadi adalah kehendak ALLAH. No matter what situation I’m in right now, HE chose it for me. HE knows best. And HE will give me the best. If I just be patient and wait, maybe HE’ll give something bigger in return.

“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia baik utk mu. Dan blh jd kamu menyukai sesuatu, pdhal ia tidak bagus bg mu. Allah jua yg mengetahui, sdg kamu tidak mngetahui.” ~alBaqarah,216

HE knows what best for me

HE knows what best for me

Now I do realize that I should not let what I’ve studied about OPPO and smartphones will go to waste. I will not let that happen. A BIG NO NO.

Stay Tune for my next chapter, I will feed you a story-telling of “OPPO 101”. Plus free basic chapter 1 – smartphones.

Till next time.


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